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One of the many unique inventory funding methods provided by Auto Use is our Floorplan Checkbook. Dealers that utilize this program are able to buy from ANYONE, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!

Improving your business’ cash flow is one of our main goals, and the floorplan checkbook does just that. Buy from non-participating auctions, other dealers, wholesalers, private party via craigslist or facebook marketplace, or from anyone else without using your own money. With no payments due for the first 90 days, and no fees or interest due until payoff, Auto Use floorplan gives you the ultimate flexibility when buying inventory for your dealership.

The process is really simple:

1. Write the check: Purchase inventory from whoever, wherever, whenever you want!

2. Send us the title: We honor the check and place the balance on your Auto Use line of credit. Just overnight Auto Use the title(s) and let us handle the rest! It’s that simple!

3. Sell the car: Just like normal… Sell the car, payoff the vehicle, and repeat!


Get started today!

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