Floorplan Financing

Floorplan your inventory and auction purchases to maximize your cash flow. Use your money where you need it and fund your inventory with Auto Use. No cash out of pocket for the first 90 days and flexable, extendable terms up to 360 days!

Auction Funding

Fund your auction inventory purchases with your Floorplan Credit Line. Auto Use is partnered with over 500 Auctions across the country and all major online auctions to make buying and sourcing inventory as easy as possible.

Checkbook Program

With an Auto Use Floorplan, you have the power to buy from anyone, anywhere, at anytime! With the ability to write checks directly from your Floorplan credit line to buy inventory, you have the ultimate buying power.

Direct Dealer Funding

Floorplan your current inventory and free up some of your dealerships cash flow. You may be sitting on thousands upon thousands of dollars that you could have liquid to be used on other aspects of your business.

Lien Payoffs

Easily floorplan trade-ins with loan payoffs. Take the stress out of paying off consumer loans and chasing lien releases. Focus on what you do best and let us handle the rest

Day terms (extendable up to 360 days!)

Days with No Out of Pocket Expense

Years in the industry

Auctions accepted

We Are Always Here to Help.

Contact Floorplan Customer Service with any questions or refer to our FAQ’s for help.

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Rental Car Floorplan Lines

Auto Use also provides credit lines to fund rental fleets! Learn how you can utilize this unique program to help increase body shop/service sales and foot traffic in your dealership.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Floorplan Financing?

Floorplanning is a common way for dealers to acquire inventory for their dealership. Floorplan is a line of credit that can be used at auctions as a payment method to pay for their purchases. Dealers can also floorplan vehicles with other methods other than auction purchases, too!


How much of a Floorplan line can I be approved for?

There is a lot of criteria that determines the line amount but we offer lines from $25,000 all the way to $1,000,000. Contact a floorplan representative today to see how much your dealership can qualify for.


How big of a Floorplan line do I need?

Every dealership is different so is their inventory. We cater to the needs of each individual dealer to make sure they have the available balance they need to operate smooth and efficient. Line increases are also available.


Where are my titles held?

All titles are sent to us to securely hold titles at our main office headquarted at 45 Haverhill St, Andover, MA 01810. Titles are held here until either paid off or borrowed. Borrowed titles must be returned or paid off in 7 days. Local dealers can pick up titles at our office. Call ahead notification to have titles ready for pickup is appreciated.


How can I manage my Floorplan account?

You can conveniently manage your Dealer Floorplan account securely online at https://secure.dealer.autouse.com/

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