Used Car Leasing Program

An alternative way to finance.

Why should you offer Used Car Leasing in your dealership?

Used car leasing can be beneficial to your dealership in many ways. It offers an alternative finance option that may require less money down and offer less expensive payments for your customers. Use our easy to use lease calculator to put lease deals together to offer this financing method that may be unique in your area.

There is opportunity for customer and inventory retention when lease contracts come to an end. Easily floorplan end of term leases and put them for sale again and lease your customer another newer vehicle. Build a portfolio of repeat business for years to come, all easily financed and serviced with Auto Use/Auto Loan.

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used car lease program

Pre-Owned Vehicle Lease Program

A used vehicle lease has several advantages

1. No upfront Sales Tax due

2. Develop repeat customers

3. Newer vehicles cost less, more options for customers

4. Flexible Terms

5. Affordable Payments

6. Fast & Simple Approvals and Contracting

7. “Only pay for what you use”


Customer & Inventory Retention


Customers who lease are found to be more likely to continue to do so at the end of their lease term. End of term leases help you to retain your customers as well as the inventory by easily floorplanning 100% of the lease return with your Auto Use Floorplan line of credit.

If they do not lease again, they still will visit your dealership to return/terminate the lease. Giving you increased foot traffic in your store and the opportunity to capture more business.


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